William Grob

British and based in Berlin.


Graduated BA Photography at Falmouth University 2011 – 2014

Private collections in London, Paris, New York, LA, Berlin, Monaco

Current Representation:

Berlin – Luisa Catucci Gallery
NY - Chelsea art group


Galerie 102, Berlin, 2016



I was an artist before I could talk. When I was a child I had a severe speech disorder which shaped my whole life, as I could not verbally express myself until the age of seven. Art became my mother tongue, using colour and form to express my happiness or frustration which is now, subconsciously, deep rooted into my practice. The majority of my work comes from that place. All I consciously try to create is a sense of understanding and expressions understandable to anyone.

“William Grob is a Berlin based artist whose work has always focused on the line between reality and the psychic world. Working with mix media, he collages, paints onto photos, layers his work between the real and the imagined. Often employing text that makes no sense and all of it at the same time, he reminds us of our constant internal monologues when faced with banal situations in everyday life. His work is fraught with satire: from New York street scenes highlighting the prevalence of homelessness against a backdrop of consumerist culture, to projecting thoughts of strangers on trains, there is always an element of levity in their loneliness”

– Julia Hoove, Indie magazine.

Solo Exhibitions:

Berlin – 2020 Jan 24th  – March 20th – Luisa Catucci Gallery

Basel - 2018 – Scope Art Fair – Solo booth

London – 2017 – Solo Show at Albert’s Club during Frieze Art Fair

Falmouth - 2013 April – Solo Photographic Exhibition at Five Degrees Below

Group Exhibitions:

London – 2018 – London Affordable Art Fair – Lomaka Gallery

NYC – 2018 Multiple Group shows in with - Chelsea Art Group

Berlin – 2018 – Group show  - The Palace Arts pop up show

Athens – 2018 – Group show  with  Art Number 23

Berlin – 2016 – Potsdamer Str. 102 Gallery Group show

NYC – 2015 October – Roll Up Gate Studio Exhibition

NYC – 2015 October - Green point Gallery Pop Up

Brighton – 2014 August - Collaborative Exhibition

London – 2014 June – FreeRange at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane

London – 2014 June – Collaborative Exhibition at the Rag Factory


UK – 2018 December 7th Phillips Contemporary ‘New Now’ (Sold)

UK –2017 April 6th- Phillips Contemporary ‘New Now’ (Sold)

UK – 2017 December 7th Phillips Contemporary ‘New Now’ (Sold)


UK – 2016 - Finalist for; The Sunday Times watercolour competitions. Pall Mall gallery exhibition September 2016.

UK – 2016 - Finalist RPS photographic competition. 159th Touring Exhibition, The Truman Brewery, The Royal Albert Hall, Belfast & Edinburgh International photography Festivals.

Selection of Publications:

London – 2019 - Average Arts Magazine (physical)  

NYC – 2018 - Matador Review

London – 2018 - WhatisArt Zine (physical)

London – 2018 - Average Arts Magazine (Physical)

Berlin – 2018 – Indie Magazine

Italy – 2017 – RedMilk Interview

London – 2017 – Pylot Magazine

London – 2017 – Underground England Magazine

London – 2016 – Hunger magazine

Dubai – 2016 - Best of 2016 IEAA (international emerging artist award)

USA – 2016 – Fondle Magazine (Physical)

USA – 2016 – Minetta (Physical)

UK – 2016 – Don’t panic Zine

UK – 2016 – Masks - book limited ed.50, Hardcover