After a year has passed with this being my first project I thought I'd go back and give it the lessons I've appropriated. only to find out all traces of the original edit lost to a failed hard drive.. Here is my original baby without the tweaking I wish I could give.

In loving memory of Jessie who passed away no more than a week after shooting.

FilmMaker William Grob, currently studying BA Photography at University College Falmouth. I started to play with the idea that in my eyes there is only a handful of great thinkers in the human race whats to say there isn’t a few deep thinkers in the animal kingdom, looking at a sitting cat I wonder what could these animals be thinking. The stort looks at four animals all animals that I’ve watched for a long time and tried to create a thought for them. The whole film is in 1st person from the animal’s perspective. The Bull Introduces the three main themes faith, fate and fear seen in order of each animal.

Directed/screenplay/edited/Scrpt: William Grob.
Actor: Arthur Grob
Voice: William Grob
Music: Justin Vernon
Hans Zimmer
The Cinematic Orchestra
Heart of the Dragon Ensemble

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Directed William Grob

independent Project Studying Photography at Falmouth University, layering elements and trying to create dreamscapes and an alternate world for your dreams to roam free. creating the unseen.

Demouche is a Jazz, TripHop Blend with incredible beats his full album is available;

Demouche ---- Sweet Davila --- tune available:

Dancer : Grace Nicol

Eyes : Rachel Kokkinos

Hands : Oliver Parrish

special thanks to my family and friends

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A compilation of all the photos I took outside of my course work for 2011. quickly edited but happy Christmas my falmouth family.